Royal Ascendancy in the Making

The new slot from Just for the Win is visually stunning, but it has medium volatility and poor returns, keeping with the studio’s established pattern. Slot machines with a royal theme appear occasionally but rarely. There is room for developers to make a significant impact and establish themselves in this niche. Slots like Play’n GO’s Royal Masquerade and Yggdrasil’s original Royal Family game at LeoVegas are among the competition. Where does Rising Royals stand in comparison?

The first is the regal motif, which holds great potential because of the lavish, exaggerated visuals that can be employed. In contrast to Royal Masquerade, which centers on the Italian aristocracy of the 1700s, Rising Royals is set in France of the 18th century. The French aristocracy met a very violent end during the Revolution, as is well known. Amid a sea of blood and executions, the lower classes, sick of being enslaved by their self-proclaimed betters, rose up and retook power. Rising Royals, a new slot machine, has, in a way, accurately captured the era’s vibe. Players will get a taste of what it was like to be an oppressed French worker back then after a few spins.

The elite of the 18th century enjoyed unfathomable levels of comfort. We’re talking about shiny things that are still impressive today. One example of such extravagance is the enormous palace that appears on the load screen. It’s difficult to suppress a gasp at the sight of the 5×3 reel set with 20 paylines, framed by glittering lights. In true Just for the Win fashion, the visuals are stunning, with lots of vivid color and clean lines. But don’t let them mesmerize you. The complexity of this game is lower than it seems at first glance.

The paytable is the first major letdown. To begin, there aren’t a lot of symbols, and the ones that are there have very low values. Starting out, the J – A symbols pay between 0.8 and 3 times the wager. A lower noble with curly hair, a duchess, a duke, and the game’s emblem are the four high-paying symbols. The lowest payout for these symbols is 1x, while the highest payout for five logos is 15x your wager. Not precisely the sum one would expect from the wealthy nobility.

The minimum bet is 10 c/p, and the maximum is $/€250 each spin. Players can expect a return of 96.01% on their investment, along with medium volatility. Even when locking in a large number of the high-pay symbols, wins are disappointingly small in this game. Normally, a suite of additional features would appear to the rescue in this predicament, but unfortunately…

Young Rulers: Exclusive Content

The lack of content in Rising Royals is unexpected. An upgradable symbol can be triggered by the Respin functionality, and vice versa. When a winning combination of symbols lands, those symbols stay put and set off a respin. Further high-paying combinations, or more matching symbols, are also held in place if they appear. This continues until either no more matching symbols appear or the reels are completely covered in locked symbols, at which point the player is awarded a payout.

In addition, each time there is a symbol lock the chandelier meter on the side of the reels lights up. When all three segments are activated, the locked symbols are given an Upgrade to the next highest paying position on the paytable. The method can be repeated. As a result, if the meter is filled again, the symbols will be raised to the next available tier.

In terms of functionality, it’s excellent. With the addition of a multiplier or more valuable symbols, it may have been quite effective. Currently, the returns aren’t enough to keep you clicking the spin button, and the gameplay can grow tedious after a while. The presence of a wild symbol or scatter pays is not required for a slot game to be considered fantastic. But they certainly would not have been out of place in Royals Rising.

Young Rulers: The Final Say

Just for the Win has returned with another visually pleasing but otherwise uninteresting low-value slot. Whoever is behind these games has to be identified. The constant output of new games suggests there must be a sizable audience eagerly devouring them. The answer must be recreational gamers satisfied with regular low value wins to keep the spins ticking around.

As long as a slot’s features can combine with low-value symbols to achieve decent wins, the low-value symbols themselves aren’t necessarily a cause for concern. Unfortunately, something is lacking, and Rising Royal’s characteristics aren’t nearly intense enough to make up for that. Why bother if the jackpot is only worth about 300 times your bet? The game could really use more content, but the respins/upgrade option is fine. More excitement may have been offered by including a wild symbol, free spins, or multipliers. However, the French aristocracy was not exactly famed for its charity, so I think they deserve to gorge themselves on cake. You may claim that Just for the Win have done a great job of capturing the spirit of the French aristocracy of the 18th century in this way.

Rising Royals has failed to live up to expectations in the royal/aristocrat slot market. For instance, Royal Masquerade gets right to the point, offering a substantial top reward and extreme volatility in addition to a lot of added features. The final line is, if you’re in the mood for some high-stakes gaming with nobility, you could do a lot worse.






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